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Floor Coating and Sealing

ANTI Slip Resistant Coating

Complies with the Australian Standards and BCA requirements for external ramps and wet areas

  • Loading Docks

  • Ramps

  • Walkways

  • Car Parks

  • Safety Markings

  • Warehouses

  • Stairs

  • Can Be Applied to

Old Concrete




Great for rejuvenation

And More…

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Microglass is Weather resistant and a slip resistant (P5)

When applying the microglass coloured granules correctly to a surface it becomes a flexible binder rather than just being broadcast on the surface only.

Spraying application will also enable to use intricate designs or logos



corridor before surface coating

The Results

corridor after surface coating

Epoxy Floor Coating

Super Tough, Epoxy floor coatings are great for areas that receive heavy wear over time.

The Coating

Epoxy floor coating is the Ultimate floor coating it requires specialist knowledge product and equipment

Due to its toughness epoxy is suitable in areas that are heavy in wear and tear its is applied by roll on or self levelling

Epoxy also comes in a non slip performance and low VOC great for  factories, warehouses,  and safety areas

It is well known for its chemical resistant properties with standing spills from oils, detergents and other contaminants.

Great For:

  • Exterior or interior concrete metal brick and masonry</h3 >

  • Warehouses</h3 >

  • Food Processing Plants</h3 >

  • Hospitals</h3 >

  • Heavy Traffic Areas</h3 >

  • Mechanical Workshops</h3 >

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