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Comes in Various Colours such as: White, Yellow, Black and Blue. Feel free to contact us for more details on colours


ThermoPlastic works on many surfaces including warehouses, carparks and all exterior surfaces like concrete and road surfaces

Long Lasting

Thermoplastic is the longest lasting line marking for lines, symbols, numbers, arrows etc. It is more durable and lasts longer than normal road marking paint which is why it's our first pick at Hyrreach

How it Works

Thermoplastic is done by melting the product on to bitumen/ concrete. When it is hot, it turns into a liquid and when it cools hardens into a solid.


Thermoplastic on concrete needs a primer to be applied first, after which the product then penetrates into the concrete and melts into the thermoplastic to create a strong bond.

Safety Always Comes First

Here at Hyrreach we use highly effective safety procedures to place safety as our number one priority